Quantum Atomic Mixtures: Droplets, Topological Structures, and Vortices


Coordinated by the Prof. Luca Salasnich, the ambitious project is funded (240K) by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) and hosted at the Padua University.

The aim of QUANTAMI is to explore novel quantum phases and topological structures enabled by the combination of two interacting superfluids. To this end, we will exploit atomic quantum mixtures with tunable contact interactions, manipulated in engineered optical potentials. Such systems are characterized by the emergence of genuine, relatively unexplored, quantum phenomena, like the formation of quantum droplets and mixed phases, and, at the same time, can be naturally arranged to form topological superfluid structures, like rings and shells. This offers the possibility to address, with a unique platform, the complex interplay among multi-component superfluidity, quantum fluctuations, topological excitations and dimensionality. The knowledge emerging from our project will provide a bridge between the fields of cold atoms and condensed-matter/solid state physics.

In the project are involved three Units at Padua University (local coordinator Prof. Luca Salasnich), CNR_INO (local coordinator Dr. Alessia Burchianti), and Parma University (local coordinator Prof. Sandro Wimberger).